Complaints in International Organizations

We advise in complaints in International Organizations; Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, European Court of Human Rights. Argentina is responsible for the delays in the system of justice concerning the resolution of the judicial demands, and the violation of rights protected by international conventions.

Read our case admitted before the IACHR against Brazil. Esteve Alejandro against the Republic Federation of Brazil, for the kidnapping of his two brothers by their mother. We represent Antonio Quintana in the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, delayed by the irregularities of the process of international return of children in Argentina. The case is 1212/2012. Quintana Antonio against Argentina. This case becomes the first case to put responsibility on Argentina for irregularities related to the Hague Convention.

We also represented Adrian Ferrari in a Hague case, his son kidnapped by his mother in Romania. This case was already investigated under the number ECHR LE4.1aR BB/tsz. 10/4/2013, of the European Court of Human Rights. Finally the decision was determined condemning Romania. The case was carried by our colleges in London. Case: