Expert Witness

We were requested as expert witness in several state and federal courts in the United States.  We also provide affidavits in family law issues to courts around the world. We give evidence of our opinion as expert witness in court, especially in the United States on the topic of family law in Argentina, and everything else relative to our knowledge. We also prepare affidavit, reports to be presented in foreign courts. Our law firm has extensive expertise on presentations in different foreign countries; we know how to do it. Please read very carefully if you are going to authorize your son to come to Argentina, it is a high-risk country. It is possible the mother never returns your child home. If you have any doubt, avoid the travel, it is always better  an expert witness to explain what could happen in Argentina if your child is not voluntary returned,  the foreign judge will understand how bad it could be for your child and for you travel to Argentina, not only taking care about the State Department report, but real cases that happens every day.  We really find very important you void any travel to Argentina, explaining the judge what could happen, and to try to avoid your child travelling to Argentina.  Hague cases takes years to be resolved, meantime you will lose contact with your child.