Fabiana Marcela Quaini:

Fabiana Quaini has been a practicing private international law for 34 years, born on March 16 1962, in Buenos Aires. LLB law degree at “Universidad Católica Argentina”, La Plata, Buenos Aires, in 1984, LLB law degree at “Université de Tours”, France in 1987. LLM international law degree at “Université de Toulouse”, France 1989. LLM international law degree at “Université de Limoges”, France 2009. She specialized in international private law: international child abduction, complex divorces, equitable distribution, custody, international adoptions,  ART and surrogacy, LGBTI rights.
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Member of the Board of Governors of the International Academy of  Family Lawyers 2013/2017.  Member of the Surrogacy Committee and The Hague International Protection of Children and Adults Committee IAFL. Member of the LGBT Bar Family Law Institute. Member of The Academy of Adoption and Assisted Reproduction Attorneys. She wrote books concerning international child abduction and several articles in international family law published in main law databases and magazines. 

Admitted in the La Plata Bar Association 1985, Buenos Aires Bar Association 1985, Mendoza Bar Association 2001, Argentina. Listed in Reunite lawyers and in the US Embassy list lawyers in Argentina and other Consulates.

August 2019, she received the Annual Leading Practionners Award del LGBT Bar in Philadelphia.

Referral in Italy for ONLUS Senza Frontiere in the adoption in Haiti under The Hague convention 1993 and the local Haitian law. She organized and moderated for IAFL on 17/09/2013 in the Hague symposium where lawyers from over 30 states participated in the Bar Association in Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
She writes for Microjuris, La Ley, Thomson Reuters and international editorial publishers. Articles published: See hyperlinks.



Germán Pereira Dos Santos: attorney, criminal law;  DUI  driving under the influence, DWI driving while intoxicated, drunk driving, domestic violence, restraining orders, drugs, traffic offenses.  Federal jurisdiction in the whole country and Ciudad de Buenos Aires.


Clara Gelman:  Attorney and mediator  Professor at Buenos Aires Law School in professional practice Family and civil law. Ciudad de Buenos Aires and Provincia de Buenos aires.

Natalia Igolnikov: AAttorney ad Professor in professional practice Buenos Aires Law School.  Family and civil law. Ciudad de Buenos Aires and Provincia de Buenos aires.