We are proud and it is an honor to be part of the LGBT bar Family Law Institute invited and participate in important events in the U.S, like Charleston of November 2013 organized by the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys AAAA/AAARTA in the LGBT BAR and the FAMILY LAW INSTITUTE in the National LGBT Bar Association's ANNUAL lavender law Conference and Career Fair, that had a place in August 2014 in New York. In Florida in April 2015 AAARTA member meeting and in London about surrogacy, organized by IAML in May 2015. AAARTA, may 2016 and IAFL, February 2018. AAAA May 2018 in Kansas city, LGBT Bar New York 2018 and Philadelphia 2019. We represent LGBTI clients in all kind of cases, family, civil areas. We advise the countries where the legislation allows you to expand your family or where you may have some problems. We advise about the law frame in different countries where surrogacy may take place or a part of it may take place.

How to apply and get a birth certificate, depending on the different legislations.
Legal frames in the U.S, especially in states such as Florida, California, Illinois, New Mexico. When both parents are present in the birth certificate and when an adoption is needed. We also advise in surrogacy cases in Argentina. We have fellows we work with in different countries to assist you in the process.

We also take care about international adoption, custody, relocations and civil rigths






LGBT Bar Annual Leading Practitioner Award 2019