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We are proud and it is an honor to be part of the LGBT bar Family Law Institute invited and to participate in important events in the U.S. We represent LGBTQ clients in all kind of cases, family, civil and criminal areas. Gays are welcome to surrogacy journey in Buenos Aires.  We can assist you in the entire process in the surrogacy journey  in our country or birth can also take pace in a different country.  Gametes, embryos can be sent to Argentina and you can send gamtes and embryos to any country.  Embryo transfer can also take place in Argentina or in other country and the birth can take place in Argentina or in other country. Let us advise and represent you in your surrogacy journey in Argentina. 


Award 2019 LGBT Bar Family Law Institute

LGBT Award 2019 Philadelphia     Fabiana Quaini    Fabiana Quaini award

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